Partho Technologies has a strong knowledge base and outstanding track record in helping governments and large organizations effectively build and maintain key business applications, as well as easily adapt to industry best practices. We typically have long term agreements with our clients to support their enterprise systems and applications.

Our AMS (Application Maintenance and Support) Service provides clients technical support and maintenance in wide range of technologies. Some of the services covered under AMS are:

  • Application Maintenance
  • Provide remote support to Client on Trouble Shooting issues and Resolution
  • Application Configuration and Tuning
  • Application bug fixing
  • Application Documentation
  • Product training

We have our own easy to use ticketing and issue logging system. However, the Partho team has used numerous systems and is flexible to use other systems like Bugzilla. The AMS is governed by a Service Level Agreement

Partho AMS Service Delivery Model clearly lays out the following procedures:

  • Procedures for creating New Call/Issue Logging system
  • Procedures for looking up status updates and adding comments to existing issues
  • Procedures for Resolving and Escalating Issues
  • Exit criteria for each issue raised and resolved

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