Enterprise Content Management Systems & Web Portals 

We at Partho Technologies, help our clients in building enterprise grade web presence with a 360 degree view. Our solutions ensure an optimized experience for the clients’ end user and the clients’ own authoring team that is responsible for writing and maintain the content of their web portals.

Are your business users seeking to directly author their web content on the corporate website? Does your compliance office have concerns on governance around publication of web content? Is your IT department seeking to separate web administration from web content creation? Partho Enterprise Web Content Management team can help you address all of the above by designing and tailoring the Enterprise WCM system to meet your exact needs. Partho Portal team has deep expertise in IBM WebSphere Content Management System, Open source CMS Drupal and Microsoft SharePoint that enable you to get an optimized user experience.

Based on your current and future needs, budgets and vendor entitlements the Partho team will partner with you to select and implement the CMS system that is best fit for your content management needs. The CMS that our team will implement will accelerate digital content development and deployment through all your digital channels. It will enables users to create, manage and publish content while IT will retains control. The CMS system will Offer advanced personalization, the CMS will be configured to deliver the right information to the right audience when needed, providing an exceptional digital experience across all digital channels.

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